Girl With A New Surfboard

 Last week I saw a surfboard in a local surf shop that I loved. The board was a polyester board ( a Strive 9'2"), but I really am in love with Surf Tech's Tuflite boards which are basically indestructible, so I passed it by. I have had my Surf Tech for over 10 years and it is still in mint condition. I know some of you hate the "pop out " boards but they do last forever and are great to travel with. After I got home from the surf shop I looked on Surf Tech's site and found the board I had seen but a Tuflite model (so I thought). My sweet husband ordered it for me for my birthday and when it arrived it was a polyester board not a Tuflite. So needless to say I was a little bummed but it is a beauty. I feel a little ripped off but it was cheaper and maybe I'll give it a try. The lesson is ask a lot of questions before you order something don't assume anything.

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