Birthday in Belize

My husband spoiled me with a dream birthday in Belize. I live for clear water!!!! We fished a few days and my husband managed to catch his first tarpon on the fly witch was very exciting. While he fought it I floated in the crystal clear water and felt like I was in an amazing dream. I can't wait to go back again hopefully someday soon.
Photo: Carin Vaughn
Photo: Carin Vaughn

Photo :Carin Vaughn

Photo:Carin Vaughn

Photo :Carin Vaughn

Photo :Carin Vaughn

Photo :Carin Vaughn

Photo :Carin Vaughn

Photo :Carin Vaughn

Photo :Carin Vaughn

Tarpon Mania!!!!

Well, I caught the biggest fish of my life the other day and I am still sore from reeling it in. I couldn't believe the size of this tarpon when it first jumped. I had to use every ounce of strength I had to finish the fight and not hand it over to someone else. It weighed near 150 lbs and took me an hour to catch. Tarpon are my favorite fish to paint and catch so this was the thrill of a lifetime for me.
Below is a painting I had been working on before the catch.
You can see more on my Etsy page here.

Succulents and surf

The family and I made a trip out to my birth state California for a visit. We were near Huntington and Laguna beach. Every time I go there I become obsessed with all the beautiful succulents. I am so jealous  because they are everywhere you go, and they grow so beautiful and big. I think I feel a little painting inspiration coming on. Here are a few shots of our trip below. Enjoy!


International Surfing Day 2015

June 20th is International Surfing Day. Get out there and have some fun. If its flat you can  teach a kid to surf. Enjoy!! Find out more about local events on surfing day in your area here.

Panda Cupcakes

My daughter is obsessed with panda bears. She requested a panda theme for her 8th birthday so I decided to attempt a panda cupcake. I searched Pinterest for ideas and this is what I came up with.

These are the ingredients I used for the face construction. I found candy eyes at Walmart but I also saw them at Michaels. I got the candy flowers at Walmart too. The ears are one separated mini Oreo. The large part of the eyes are junior mints. I used a dot of the black icing to attach the eye to the junior mint. I use the larger sized Ghirardelli chocolate chips for the nose. The hardest part was strategically placing the chocolate sprinkles for the mouth.
The kids at my daughters school went crazy when they saw them and she was super happy I made them. Mission accomplished!

Think Dirty

I wanted to share an app with you that is changing my world. Think dirty is an app that allows you to scan the barcode of personal care and cosmetic products and find out their levels of hazardous ingredients. I scan everything from toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, sunscreen, foundation and cleansers. What I found out was horrifying. I know it can be daunting trying to be as green as possible but this app makes this field easier to tackle. It is free and easy to use so try it out and see what you think. Find it HERE.

New Paintings.

Two of my favorite paintings so far . I feel like I'm starting to figure myself out. I am drawn to certain subjects and I am learning to be true to myself and what I like and to not worry about what  will sell or what everyone else will like. I know, it's real hard to do that as an artist and I might pay the price but I think I'm on the path to "finding myself". I know I'm out there somewhere.Ha!

P.S.- You can find these in my ETSY shop Here.

Agave original painting by Carin Vaughn

Original aloe painting by Crain Vaughn

Buried treasure

When we purchased our home is was full of a lot of trash and left behind goods. This bamboo piece immediately caught my eye . It had about a half inch of mold covering it because it was left in a garage for almost three years and the cushions were awful. I knew it was vintage and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I spent some time cleaning it and eventually found the perfect comfy pillows on clearance for 10$. I googled it and found other pieces like this one for "mucho dinero". Score!!!It now is one of my favorite things in my home.
I will be sharing the renovation pictures soon of the rest of the house.

Two of my favorites

I have been obsessed with Sage Vaughn's art lately . He did a collaboration with one of my favorite surfers Rob Machado and proceeds will benefit RMF clean water filling stations project, which encourages youth at California elementary and high schools to use reusable water bottles in hopes of eradicating sales of single-use plastic bottles.Enjoy the eye candy below.