California=Succulent Paradise

I just got back from a trip out to southern California. Thats me down there looking happy as a clam.I was out there for my mothers wedding which was so beautiful. But I must confess I was a little distracted by all of the amazing sights. I was blown away by the amount of succulents growing like weeds out there. I couldn't stop taking pictures and I'm sure a painting or three will come out of it. Laguna beach is were I was in heaven. What a unbelievably beautiful spot. I could have spent every day looking at the tide pools and succulents. I can't wait to go back. I was able to see some sea lions and Grey Whales too. What a treat!

P.S. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Urchins-Property of Carin Vaughn

Urchins -Property of Carin Vaughn

By Carin Vaughn

California Grey Whale-Property of Carin Vaughn

Cactus Bunny- Property of Carin Vaughn

Mussels -Property of Carin Vaughn

All Images Property Of Carin Vaughn

Tailing redfish

 Even though the redfish tail has been painted over and over by many artists I couldn't resist giving it a shot myself. The redfish has been good to my family. It is the primary fish my husband (who is a fishing guide) fishes for. I would like to do some prints of a tailing red, maybe this will be the one.See more at my etsy shop.

Out Of The Blue- Tarpon

Having fun with this one. I don't want to be taking this all to seriously so I thought it would be fun to play around with the water. I kind of like the mix of realistic and more graphic.

Sunset Surf

It has been way to long since I have surfed. I am a real wimp when it comes to cold weather. If my teeth are chattering then it is no fun for me. So I guess if I can't surf then I'll have to paint waves to get my fix. I can't wait for summer!You can see more of my paintings here.

Amazing Art

These stunning paintings are by London based artist Amy Judd. Her skin tone on her subjects  is so beautiful. I love the  hidden eyes in each painting that are shielded by wings of some kind. These are breathtaking! Find out more about her here.

Happy New Year!!!

2014. Wow! I have a great feeling about this year. Its gonna be a good one. For me personally I really want to get serious about my art. I want to try new things and make prints and start getting the word out locally that I am an artist.These are a few words of wisdom I found on Pinterest I love. Lets all go big this year ! Who's with me?

Artist in the making.

I love children getting involved in art. This was sent into me by a 10 year old girl's proud Dad. She's got skills! Keep up the great work!

Trim the tree.

Our tree needed to get it's surf on, so I made a little paper wave garland. Now our collection of surfing santas have something to surf.

Studio Time.

In our new home I am lucky enough to have a great painting space. Its  been great not having to use the kitchen table for all my paints. I got a big stack of canvases during a great sale at Michaels and I love having lots of options. The world is my oyster!

Oyster Painting

I have been a shell lover since day one. I have a slight addiction to the hunt for shells. I have collected them all over the world but one we have an abundance of around here is the oyster shell. I decided to accentuate the colors of the shell and bring out its beauty.

Back to work

I decided to challenge myself with a painting of one of my favorite things,Amethyst. I love the way it turned out. I think I might do a series of minerals. Shells are in the works too.
I will post some before and afters of my renovation when I get them all together. It takes time to get settled and even more time to get it actually finished.

Renovation Mayhem

Well, I have been up to my eyeballs in the renovation of our house. I don't think I have ever sweat so much in my entire life. I did the majority of the demo by myself and although I actually enjoyed it, it was a lot of work. We are getting to the fun stages soon so I can't wait for that. I will be sure and show my before and afters.
Wish me luck!

Surfs Up!

It's that time again. International Surfing Day. Time to get out there even if it's flat you can always have fun with the kids or grab your SUP. The day is June 20th so go have fun.

Red Fish Painting

This was a fun painting with the Harbour Town lighthouse in the background. This is a fishing spot I have fished for years and I sold it to someone who has also enjoyed this spot.

Full moon

This was the sight in my backyard last night. Amazing!
Property of Carin Vaughn

Free Printables by the Paper Coterie.

I think these are adorable. They would be cute and a great reminder to have on the wall to stay positive. I'm going to put one in my daughters room. Thanks Paper Coterie. Go to their site to download yours.

Christine Mighion Jewelery

These are a few pieces of beautiful jewelry by Christine Mighion. Her pieces are eco-friendly and a portion of each sale is donated to charitable organizations that protect our beaches and marine environment. Check out her site for more info.

* All items are fabricated from eco-friendly 100% recycled 14k gold and sterling silver.
* A portion of each sale is donated to charitable organizations that protect our beautiful beaches and marine environment. 
* All items are designed and fabricated by me personally using US sourced materials.