Mom tip for the shy kids.

My daughter is a little on the shy side and gets bouts of home sickness when she's at school, especially when the new school year started. I got her this heart locket and put our photos in it for her to look at when she might get sad. It seems to really help her. she tells me that when she has lonely times she will look at it and feel better. I just thought this might help someone with kids going through the same thing.
Good luck!

My go-to party appetizer.

This is a super simple crowd pleaser. You can leave out the salami if you want to go vegetarian. 

1.Mozzarella pearls or cubes.
2.Cherry tomatoes halved.
4.Salami. I halved them because they were big ones.
*Assemble them on a toothpick and the drizzle a little balsamic vinegar and a touch of olive oil.You can't go wrong.Everyone loved this so did I. I couldn't stop eating them.

I can't stop taking photos of my surfboard. I just love these colors. I have this board in the entry of my home and I am embarrassed to say that I have only ridden it a few times because its kind of home decor and I always go to my old faithful McTavish that I always ride, but she's sure a beauty.

I gathered some of my fish art and put it out in outdoor store called Southern Drawl Outfitters in Bluffton, S.C. .If your in the area please stop by.

Carin Vaughn

Carin Vaughn

Is this the cutest guy ever? My husband caught this puffer fish on one of his charters. It makes me smile every time.

Property of Carin Vaughn.

Eco Friendly Rug Pads

I was recently approached by the Rug Pad Corner to review some of their eco-friendly rug pads. I must admit that I have never really used rug pads before and I had no idea what I was missing. I have bamboo floors that can be a little hard on the feet so stepping onto a soft rug would be great. They sent me three pads and those rugs are way more comfortable and cozy and stay put too. My inexpensive Ikea rug feels like a deluxe  rug now. I have noticed my husband and daughter like to spend more time on the living room rug to watch television. I have one of those skinny and super long hallway runners that was always slipping around and now it doesn't move.
The pads are made from 100% recycled felt and the ones I got have a non-slip texture on the bottom. I always look for natural products for my newly remodeled home so I was happy to find these.
If you want to buy some pads you can use their code-( review15) to get 15% off. They have free shipping too.Check out their site here for more info.

Halloween Spiderweb

I must admit I really don't get that excited about Halloween, but when you have kids you have to amp it up a little for their sake. My little one doesn't like spooky stuff so I figured a spiderweb was pretty mellow. We used electrical tape and I bought a wood cutout spider from Michaels . It couldn't have been easier. It looks really cool on our frosted glass, especially at night. 
Happy decorating!

Rad cars by Kevin Butler.

I'm in love with these fun illustrations by Kevin Butler.They would be great to use in kids rooms. My personal favorite is the Volvo wagon. I had a few of those wagons and they were the best cars ever. Mine looked just like the one below. Sweet memories.....

Thing Super Stack commission is going to be printed 9ft x 6ft and put int the window of Plum Concept in Beirut. 

                                                                        New promo piece for Rad Cars With Rad Surfboards On Them

Find beauty in the small things.

Beauty is all around us. Some people just don't understand how a leaf can be so amazing or mushrooms so beautiful but if you just take time to look again you can see beauty everywhere.

My new painting----- Philodendron Leaf

Turquoise Beauties.

How nice it was to see such beautiful blue eggs today. How precious life is. 

Great Art By Stavros Damos

I am in love with the graphic art of Stavros Damos. This is a collection of the rolling stones. How awesome! I might have to give this style a try of my own.

Summer fun.

Summer is here and I am so blessed to live in the beautiful town of Hilton Head Island. Beach, pool and fishing has been the way it has gone so far and I have no complaints. The only bad news has been the passing of my daughters first pet "Rosie" the beta fish. Looks like I will be making a trip out to the pet store.
Enjoy your summer!

Property of Carin Vaughn

Property of Carin Vaughn

Property of Carin Vaughn

Property of Carin Vaughn

Property of Carin Vaughn

Property of Carin Vaughn

Property of Carin Vaughn

California=Succulent Paradise

I just got back from a trip out to southern California. Thats me down there looking happy as a clam.I was out there for my mothers wedding which was so beautiful. But I must confess I was a little distracted by all of the amazing sights. I was blown away by the amount of succulents growing like weeds out there. I couldn't stop taking pictures and I'm sure a painting or three will come out of it. Laguna beach is were I was in heaven. What a unbelievably beautiful spot. I could have spent every day looking at the tide pools and succulents. I can't wait to go back. I was able to see some sea lions and Grey Whales too. What a treat!

P.S. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Urchins-Property of Carin Vaughn

Urchins -Property of Carin Vaughn

By Carin Vaughn

California Grey Whale-Property of Carin Vaughn

Cactus Bunny- Property of Carin Vaughn

Mussels -Property of Carin Vaughn

All Images Property Of Carin Vaughn