Eco Friendly Rug Pads

I was recently approached by the Rug Pad Corner to review some of their eco-friendly rug pads. I must admit that I have never really used rug pads before and I had no idea what I was missing. I have bamboo floors that can be a little hard on the feet so stepping onto a soft rug would be great. They sent me three pads and those rugs are way more comfortable and cozy and stay put too. My inexpensive Ikea rug feels like a deluxe  rug now. I have noticed my husband and daughter like to spend more time on the living room rug to watch television. I have one of those skinny and super long hallway runners that was always slipping around and now it doesn't move.
The pads are made from 100% recycled felt and the ones I got have a non-slip texture on the bottom. I always look for natural products for my newly remodeled home so I was happy to find these.
If you want to buy some pads you can use their code-( review15) to get 15% off. They have free shipping too.Check out their site here for more info.

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