California=Succulent Paradise

I just got back from a trip out to southern California. Thats me down there looking happy as a clam.I was out there for my mothers wedding which was so beautiful. But I must confess I was a little distracted by all of the amazing sights. I was blown away by the amount of succulents growing like weeds out there. I couldn't stop taking pictures and I'm sure a painting or three will come out of it. Laguna beach is were I was in heaven. What a unbelievably beautiful spot. I could have spent every day looking at the tide pools and succulents. I can't wait to go back. I was able to see some sea lions and Grey Whales too. What a treat!

P.S. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Urchins-Property of Carin Vaughn

Urchins -Property of Carin Vaughn

By Carin Vaughn

California Grey Whale-Property of Carin Vaughn

Cactus Bunny- Property of Carin Vaughn

Mussels -Property of Carin Vaughn

All Images Property Of Carin Vaughn

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